Exhibitions in The Breakwater Café

We invite artists and photographers to exhibit with us in the Breakwater Café on a calendar monthly basis. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity please get in touch.


A selection of work by pupils of Grace Darling Academy, Newbiggin Campus.

Exhibitions in the Latimer Room

The Latimer Room is sometimes closed for functions but open to the public when no function is in progress. 

Check 01670 811951 before making a special journey.


Meet The Artist

2pm 6th April

Meet The Artist

2pm 9th January

Meet The Artist

2pm 6th June (provisional)

Meet The Artist

2pm 8th June

Meet The Artist

2pm 8th February

Meet The Artist

2pm 8th September (provisional)

Meet The Artist


Meet The Artists

2pm 26th October

Meet The Artist

2pm 4th April 

Meet The Artist

2pm 3rd October (provisional)

Previous Exhibitions in the Latimer Room

The Hidden Gallery

is in the Courtyard

A Selection of work from Sea, Rocks and Mary Joicey by Peter Seddon


A Selection of work from Jonathan Livingston Seagull is Alive & Well and has returned to Newbiggin by the Sea by Peter Seddon


Haukadalur Boxed

A selection of work from the Iceland Series by Peter Seddon


Marine Panels by pupils of Windsor First School 2007

 Every pupil in the school (and some teachers) contributed to the production of these two panels which were originally exhibited on the outside wall of Windsor First School.  They were retrieved from the school when it was demolished to make way for housing. The Maritime Centre is pleased to be able to display them once again.