Join Our Free Film Club

The Film Club is free to join and all the films we show are free. All we ask is that you reserve your place in advance.

If you'd like to join the club either drop into the Centre and fill in a form or call us on 01670 811951 and leave your details. You'll then be kept up to date with information about all our upcoming screenings. It couldn't be simpler. Films for all, for free on the last Friday of the month (usually), starting at 7pm, what could be better?

If you'd like to recommend a film you'd like to see feel free to let us know and we'll do our best to show it.

As part of our licence conditions we are not allowed to promote the films outside the Centre or online. We can, however, advertise within the Centre or directly via email to our members (join the mailing list).

Since we are not allowed to advertise online the posters shown here are a selection of films we have shown in the past to give you a flavour of what we offer.